Videoer om om psykodramametodens grunnlegger Jacob Levy Moreno:

1. “Vienna: It’s All About Having Women at the Café Museum” –

2. “Vienna: Zerka Comes to Join Moreno at the Café Museum” –

3. “Vienna by Night: J. L. Moreno at the House of the Encounter” –

4. “Vienna: the Apartment Where Moreno the Child and Family Lived” –

5. “Augarten, Where J. L. Moreno Started Playing with Children” –

6. “Jacob Moreno-Levy Goes to the University of Vienna” –

7. “Did J. Moreno-Levy Meet with Sigmund Freud Here?” – 

8. “Moreno on April 1st, 1921 in Vienna: The Komödienhaus Is a Supermarket” –

9. “This Is Where Moreno Started his ‘Theatre of Improvisation’» –

10. “At the Café, ‘Oh, My God!’ And Moreno: ‘Someone Called Me?’» –

11. “On the Train Moreno Used to Take Between Vienna and Bad Vöslau” –

12. “By Accident, J. Moreno-Levy Got a Job Here, in Bad Vöslau” –

13. “Moreno’s House on the May Valley: ‘The Roof is Made New’, But… –

14. “Where Is the Tower? Moreno’s House and Surplus Reality” –

15. “Trying to Get into Moreno’s House: What Is the Problem?” –

16. “In Vienna, Visiting the Man Who Brought Joy and Laughter” – 

17. “Also Visiting J. L. Moreno Neighbors at the Cemetery” – .